Design and Engineering

AG Laser Technology, LLC is is dedicated to the provision of high quality structural, architectural and ornamental steel fabrication in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.

  • Anticipate and resolve manufacturing issues before the process begins.
  • Provides expertise to client’s designers in translating ideas from the drawing board to production and to distrobution.
  • Insures products can be manufactured easily and cost effective.

Laser Cutting

With the Trumpf TruLaser 2030 with 4000W Fiber Laser, we are able to accelerate production, cut costs, reduce scrap and master very tight measurement tolerances.

  • 1” thick steel @ 25 inches per min, 18 ga Steel @ 1732 inches per min.
  • Unlimited Design Freedom - Precision-cut laser fabrications.
  • In addition to cutting standard materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, materials such as acrylic and wood can be processed reliably and effectively.


With the Trumpf TruPunch 2000, we are able to accelerate production, cut costs, reduce scrap and master very tight measurement tolerances.

  • ¼” material, 900 strokes per minute, 48” x 96” with auto sheet repositioning.
  • Fabricate parts in any format, from the simplest to most complex, precisely and cost-effectively.
  • The punching head is well suited for holes as well as for three-dimensional geometries.


With the Trumpf TruBend 7036 and the Trumpf TruBend C120, we are able to utilize different press brakes to process precision formed parts. Close tolerance radii, curves, or bump bending.

  • Advanced equipment and specially trained operators perform challenging sheet metal bends.
  • 40 Tons at 40” to 132 Tons at 106” capacity, 8.5” per min – high through-put machine
  • TruBend machines enable you to minimize your cost per part.

Robotic Welding

With the Yaskawa MS80W KG Robot, spot welding is mastered. Completes the welding as per the engineering drawings

  • Formed and machined parts are assembled and tack welded into place.
  • Lasers robotics allow us to work touch-free.
  • Quick and agile! Over 43% faster than traditional heavy-payload robots resulting in shorter takt times and higher throughput.

Powder Coating

With the 4 Stage Washer with Halo Rise and Dryer Off Oven, free-flowing, dry powder coat finishes the product. At the end of this process, inventory is prepared for distribution.

  • Uses 33% less power even at faster speeds due to lightweight gun. Offers 50% power savings with smaller DC guns versus traditional robots.
  • Negligible if any VOC emissions to the atmosphere.