Leading The Way

Angie Williams, Owner and CEO. of AG Laser Technology, LLC.

Angie’s intuitiveness in the distribution and architecturally specified arena encompases over thirty years. Her business strategy and marketing techniques have evolved into well developed insights into the building industry, encompassing: innovative design, technical design, productivity, inventory specialist, and expert in architectural specification in the access door and floor door industry and is keenly aware of her competition and product fluctuations in the industry. She has dealt directly with the architects through specification processes and various presentations, the most recent being in Nebraska where she accredited approximately 300 architects on access doors.

Angie is also CEO of Safety1Industries, an internet company, giving her knowledge in the e-commerce and social network era taking these companies into the next level of global recognition.

George K. E. Williams, President

George is a living legend of the access door industry, with fifty-two years in the construction and architectural industry, he institutes his tradition and experience with operations in steel fabrication. Thus, when it came to manufacturing, he knew it was vital to get the best machines in order to produce the highest quality of goods available. Taking the next step in completing the process flow of designing, engineering, fabrication, and distribution of the end product. George is also the founder of both Williams Brothers and Strike First in the United States. Despite George’s busy schedule, he is always available to receive phone calls from anyone keeping his tradition of oral communication with the customer, which is his foundational mantra.

With both George’s instincts for excellence in the building industry and architecture and Angie’s intuitiveness in business strategy and marketing techniques, AG Laser Technology, LLC. will follow the William’s tradition of excellence and integrity the customer can trust.