Laser Fabrication on the Cutting Edge

AG Laser Technology, LLC is a full-service sheet metal fabricator. We offer customers product design, engineering and manufacturing services using advanced technology. From concept to fabrication, then to distribution of the finished product. Our group of engineers challenge modern methods and seek for better ways to transform the customer’s ideas into the finished product in the most efficient way possible.

We deliver custom sheet metal products to government agencies, contractors, manufacturers, and distributors of commercial building supplies. Using computer-aided design, state-of-the-art robotics, machining, and precision laser cutting, we help designers and builders fabricate digital 3D concepts into product-ready parts and construction-ready materials.
  • 60,000 sq ft plant combining creativity, manufacture, finishing, and distribution under one roof.
  • Superior product quality and a commitment to excellence.

From Inspiration... to Fabrication... to Finished Product